How to Create Remarkable Content 

As content marketing budgets rise and custom content becomes increasingly important to companies and customers, your organization’s written content had better be good. In fact, good isn’t enough these days. To cut through the clutter and rise to the top of the sea of information that’s being published daily, your content must be remarkable.

The question is, of course, what makes content remarkable?

  • The right topic, informed by your audience’s needs and pain points
  • Well-written content that offers readers useful takeaways and information they’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere
  • Great presentation, with appealing layout and design 
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Pick Your Topics

Deciding what you’ll write about is the first and most important decision you’ll make on the road to remarkable content.

But before we get to that, it’s vital that you develop your topic ideas within the context of an overall content marketing plan. If you don’t have a plan, then you’re not ready to even think about actual content creation. You have no way of knowing, outside of a plan, how or whether your content will meet your audience’s needs or your organization’s marketing or business objectives. In fact, without a plan, you have little if any basis for your actual topic ideation process.

Once you have a plan nailed down, you’re ready to start generating ideas. Here are just a few topic-generating ideas.


Hold a brainstorming meeting

Put your staff and colleagues in a room together and hash it out. They’re likely a wealth of ideas: Every problem they’ve encountered, every success story they’ve heard, every sales conversation they’ve had is a potential topic idea.

Listen on Social Media

Listen on social media

Whether it’s on Twitter, LinkedIn Groups, or elsewhere, social media is the water cooler of the 21st Century. Make sure you spend time there, and pay attention to what people are saying.  

Talk to Sales

Talk to your sales people

Your sales team has the benefit of talking to your audience — their prospects — every day. So what are they hearing? What questions are they being asked? What problems are they trying to solve? Each one of these is a topic idea.

Check the Competition

Check out what your competition is doing

You shouldn’t steal their content, of course, but looking at what your peers are producing will spur some ideas of your own. Just be sure you bring your own unique perspective.

Make a Prediction

Make a prediction

You might not always be right. And even if you are only occasionally right, as long as you are interesting and have something valuable to say, you will generate buzz and probably a lot of commentary. And that means that your audience is engaged, which is a great thing.

I don’t know how to make my industry interesting 

Is it tough to write compelling content when you’re in an industry like welding or insurance? Sure. But it’s certainly not impossible. You just have to have the right strategy

I don’t have the budget for it

Yes, content marketing can be expensive, but it’s worth it. B2B companies that use content marketing effectively generate 67 percent more leads that companies that don’t. 

I can’t keep up a consistent publishing schedule 

You’re not alone — publishing consistently is one of the top challenges for marketers.